IMC at a glance

2018 NSD International Mission Congress

We sincerely welcome all of you attending this 2018 NSD International Mission Congress held here in KINTEX, Goyang City, Korea. I hope that this gathering will inspire each to fulfill new missions intended through the 4,000 attendants from 40 countries around the world including Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Mongolia.

Coordinator, Kim, NakHyung


1. Morning Rally
  1. Songs of Mission – 8:30 am (Event in Hall 6, 1F)
  2. Words of Mission – 8:50 am (Event in Hall 6, 1F)
  3. Mission Synergy – 10:00 am (Event in Hall 6, 1F)

Every morning an inspirational rally led by GC Assistant to the President, Dr. Duane McKey and GC Associate Secretary, Dr. Gary Krause will be conducted in Hall 6 on the first floor. Come to the Mission Synergy session to hear the vivid stories of missionaries who are dedicated in fulfilling God’s purpose in their lives for mission in various mission fields.

2. Afternoon Rally - Mission Festival

The afternoon programs start at 1:30 pm every day. They offer a variety of programs related to mission.

Note : Afternoon activities are conducted both indoors and outdoors.
1) Mission Seminars – 2:00 pm. Seminar rooms are on the 3rd & 4th floors. Indoor programs will begin at 2 pm. on the afore-mentioned floors in the seminar rooms. These programs are filled of information and knowledge about mission. Distinguished instructors from all over the world are there to speak on various topics such as medical mission, home and child mission, urban mission, Muslim mission, campus mission, document missions, GAiN internet ministries, small group missions, religious liberty, stewardship, etc.
2) Outdoor Mission Activities – 1:30 pm, Outdoors
(1) Prayer meeting for North Korea (For foreigners only on a first-come- first-served basis due to seating limitations), 1:30~5:00 pm, Paju Imjingak
(2) Visitation to the Foreign Missionary Cemetery, 1:00~5:00 pm, Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery (Open to everyone on a first- come-first-served basis limited by transportation space)
(3) TMI distribution of bottled water (Open to everyone, first-come-first- served basis limited by availability), 1:30~4:30 pm, Ilsan
* Registration: Information Desk: 1st Floor (8:30~10:30 am, first-come-first- served basis)

During indoor seminars, various outdoor mission activities will simultaneously take place beginning at 1:30 pm. Outdoor activities include a visit to Imjingak (for foreigners only), a prayer meeting for missions in North Korea, a visit to Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery, and a TMI distribution of bottled water. You can register outdoor activities from 8:30 to 10:30 am on a first- come-first-served basis. I hope that you will have time to experience the joy of mission through the various activities we offer to promote mission.

3. Evening Rally

1) Songs of Mission – 6:30 pm (Event Hall)
2) Mission Explosion – 6:45 pm (Event Hall)
3) Words of Mission – 7:55 pm (Event Hall)

Every evening at 6:30 there is an evening rally where a variety of impressive cultural performances are held. This will take place at the general meeting hall. Music and performances are designed especially for this International Mission Congress. Mission reports from five countries in the Northern Asia-Pacific Division will be presented. Also, we will hear inspiring words proclaimed by Pastor G. T. Ng (GC Secretary) and Pastor Mark Finely (GC Assistant to the President). I hope you will all come to witness and hear what has been prepared. You will be filled with God’s abounding grace.

4. Sabbath Programs

1) Sabbath school and divine worship service – 8:50 am (Event Hall)
2) Baptismal service, testimonies, and special lecture(Mark Finely) – 1:30 pm
3) Musical and Mission Commitment – 3:30 pm (Event Hall)

Sabbath School will be filled with diverse and inspiring programs, including the gracious word from the President of the General Conference, Ted Wilson, in a dedication service to unite us in our common resolution for mission. Testimonies from our missionaries, followed by a baptismal service, special

lecture will begin at 1:30 pm. It will be a time of sharing the fruits and joys of the mission with fellow believers. The musical 'Caleb', specially prepared and designed for this mission event by Sulammi, will help attendees realize once again our dedication to mission. We pray that you will make this occasion one in which to devote your respective lives to the mission of spreading the Gospel. At the commitment service the sermon of dedication will be delivered by President of NSD, Pastor SiYoung Kim, as the closing ceremony.

5. Exhibition Booths and Special Concerts

1) Exhibition Booths are displayed throughout the Congress session on the 2nd Floor.
2) There will be special concerts – 1:00 pm on a Special stage on the 1st Floor

80 exhibition booths are open in front of the Event Hall 7 on the 2nd floor. You can get useful information about mission from various booths throughout. Related topics are education, medical missionary, publishing, food and nutrition, and stewardship. In addition, 40 local church mission booths and 4 mission education booths are open for various missions such as community service center mission, nature mission, sowing mission, mission for the disabled, refugee mission, hospital mission, English training center mission, children ministry, etc. During the Congress, special concerts will be held every day at 1 pm. at the special stage for those in attendance.

Interpretation and Receiver Guide

All programs of the International Mission Congress will be available in four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian, via wireless devices – simultaneously or in sequence. For Koreans, wireless interpretation will not be provided. Instead, a Korean translation will be available at all times either on stage, or by subtitles throughout the programs. Instructions for using the interpreter are as follows.
A) Press the power button in the middle of the supplied receiver to turn it on. Press the power button a second time to turn off such receiver. Turning off the earphones will automatically turn off the device.
B) The frequency for each language is set in the receiver in advance. Press the button above and/or below the power button to change the channel.
Please turn off all receivers when not in use to conserve energy. Batteries can be exchanged or recharged at the information desk on the first floor.

We hope to see you at the International Missionary Congress that seeks to unite brothers and sisters beyond language barriers. Language barriers shouldn’t be an inconvenience. Pentecost is still alive.

KINTEX Facility Information

1. 1st Floor Guide

The Event Hall for the International Mission Congress, Hall 6, exists on the first floor of the Kintex Exhibition Center 2. There is a reception desk at the entrance to the Event Hall. If you have any questions, please seek information at the information desk. Wifi is free for all at all times.

2. Seating Arrangement in the Event Hall (Hall 6, 1st Floor)

There’s a designated seating area for each country inside the hall. Individual seats are not reserved. However, areas are designated for specific groups based on nationality. When seated, please sit in the designated seating area according to the nationality with the help of a volunteer. Important information, including meals and shuttle buses, will be organized in the respective seating areas.

3. 2nd Floor Guide

Exhibition booths, local church mission booths, and educational booths are located on the second floor in front of the Hall 7. You can go up the escalator in the lobby from the Event Hall.

4. 3rd and 4th Floors Guide - Seminar Rooms

In the third and fourth floor seminar rooms, more than 20 seminars are held. You can go up to the 3rd and 4th floors on the escalator from the 2nd floor where the booths are. Please check the name of each seminar at the front of the door before entering.

Restaurants & Dining Guide

Breakfast may be served at your sleeping accommodation. If you choose, you may prepare your own. Lunch and dinner are served only at the restaurant located in Hall 7A on the left side of the lobby of the Event Hall. To eat at the restaurant, you must bring your registration name badge. KINTEX restaurant has limited capacity. For lunch and dinner, please use the restaurant in an orderly manner by not trying to make your stay longer than necessary.

Accommodation and Shuttle Bus Service

1. Morning Bus Guide : After breakfast at each hotel, shuttle buses to the meeting place depart at a designated time. In order to proceed smoothly, please confirm the place and time of departure in advance. Please observe the boarding time according to the guide of each hotel and PMM pastor.
2. Transportation to the Hotel After the Program : When you return to the hotel at the end of each daily schedule, please go to the parking lot according to the guidance of your guide. Board each shuttle bus in an orderly manner. Try to board in advance so that you can leave at the scheduled time.
3. Accommodation : As you arrive and during your stay at the hotel, please be courteous enough so as to not interfere with the peace and quietude of other guests. If you are uncomfortable with your stay, please contact the hotel's front desk or the hotel's organizer for assistance.
4. Parking : If you drive your own vehicle to the Mission Congress site, please pay the desired parking fee when parking in the underground parking lot. If not, there is free parking located at the back of the Kintex Exhibition Center 2. To access this free parking enter 217- 25, Kintex-ro, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea on your navigation device.

For more detailed information on each hotel and shuttle bus, please visit the International Mission Congress website at

This is the official schedule and guide for all needed facilities of the 2018 International Mission Congress. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the International Mission Congress in demonstration of love for our neighbors in the spirit of Christ. Thank you.