All programs of the International Mission Congress will be available in four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian, via wireless devices – simultaneously or in sequence. For Koreans, wireless interpretation will not be provided. Instead, a Korean translation will be available at all times either on stage, or by subtitles throughout the programs. Instructions for using the interpreter are as follows.
A) Press the power button in the middle of the supplied receiver to turn it on. Press the power button a second time to turn off such receiver. Turning off the earphones will automatically turn off the device.
B) The frequency for each language is set in the receiver in advance. Press the button above and/or below the power button to change the channel.
C) Please turn off all receivers when not in use to conserve energy. Batteries can be exchanged or recharged at the information desk on the first floor.
We hope to see you at the International Missionary Congress that seeks to unite brothers and sisters beyond language barriers. Language barriers shouldn’t be an inconvenience. Pentecost is still alive.