Mission Synergy

TMI (Total Member Involvement) is a mission action proposed by the General Conference to encourage individual evangelism activities of the global church. It refers to the personal involvement in missionary movement for every church, every member. TMI is a kind of personal evangelism activity, which targets neighbors, friends, and relatives who have no religion. TMI is a mission policy and catchy phrase that each individual church member should embrace to lead others to Christ (in these times) through regular prayers, meeting their needs through regular encounters, and having fellowships so that they may be drawn closer to the gospel of Christ and be born again into the family of God. Public evangelism can never be successful without personal mission activity and individual the ministry purported through TMI. A number of public evangelism activities are underway, but the cause of not having visible results is due, most specifically, to the absence of individual mission activities. Thus, the way to successful evangelism as we rise from supposed spiritual helplessness to experience true spiritual revival is through participation in the mission movement – every Adventist, every church. “There are three watchwords in the Christian life, which must be heeded if we would not have Satan steal a march upon us; namely, Watch, Pray, Work.” (ChS. 106)

COI (Center of Influence) - This is a mission policy that refers to the Center Of Influence, which is the church as the lighthouse of truth must lead people to the path of salvation by being a good influence to the community. This can break down walls which would otherwise separate us. In order to brighten the light of truth, the church should exercise its influence in the community. There are three kinds of churches. The first is the Church in the Community, which refers to a church that exists in the community but has no relation or influence. The second is the Church to Community, which serves the community but does not meet the needs of the community. And the third is the Church with the Community. This is the church that grasps and fills the needs of the community and leads them to the truth by obtaining their trust. Generally, people prefer the Church with the Community and seek such churches when there is an opportunity to attend services. When churches are shut down to the neighborhood throughout the week and use it only as a place for worship on the weekend, it is not an efficient way of using the property. It is ineffective in terms of mission as well. When people feel the need for church attendance, they tend to attend churches with which they usually have frequent contacts, not just on worship days. If the church plans to offer community members a variety of activities and programs needed by the community so that they can frequently visit, our church will be a center of influence and it will be the lighthouse that leads many souls to truth (as a result). The church must be the center of influence through service that fills the

HisHands Mission Movement
The HisHands Mission Movement follows Jesus’ method of evangelism. He gathered people; trained them; and sent them into every village in pairs. Seventh-day Adventist Church was organized by God to accomplish the purpose of preaching the everlasting gospel in these last days. Members of this church, therefore, are called to be missionaries. The HisHands Mission Movement helps its members to be HisHands and preach the message of salvation and hope to countless neighbors who struggle with hopelessness.

1000 Missionary Movement
The 1000 Missionary Movement is ‘the Greatest Challenge of the Century’ begun with the mission that is to arm the youth with missionary training to spread the gospel to the end of the world and let them serve their own church after their 1 year mission.

Pioneer Mission Movement
The PMM is a mission movement that plant a new church in the area where there is no Adventist church at all, and that nurtures a church with no growth which has few members. The ultimate purpose of this movement is to send as many missionaries as the fields are calling, who have prepared themselves and who are full of the mission spirit. These missionaries will nurture weak churches without pastors to prepare them for the second coming of Christ through the three angels’ messages. At the same time, they will proclaim the gospel message to those who have never heard of Jesus Christ that they may have eternal life.

Golden Angels
The Golden Angels ministry was established in 2004 to support the Pioneer Mission Movement, to provide powerful praises and to render missionary service in various mission fields of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division. The Golden Angels is a music missionary group which od composed of 8 young people who dedicate one year of their lives to serve God through their musical talent and become His Music missionaries wherever the gospel is needed.