Mission Booth

▶ Aim : To introduce and train the potential missionary in the activities of the local churches in the NSD, as well as to help these churches implement mission plans suitable and available to the local community.
▶ Date and Time : August 8th ~ 10th 2018 (Wed. – Fri.) from 2 ~ 5 pm / August 11th (Sabbath) from 2 ~ 3:20 pm
▶ Location : KINTEX Exhibition Center 2 - 2nd floor lobby (behind the Information Desk)
▶ Content : 4 different zones of local church mission activities for promotion and education

Introduction of the Booths

1. TMI Zone
Churches that are currently engaged in mission through the TMI (Total Member Involvement) movement introduce their mission to teach other churches how to begin the movement.
- Zelkova Tree House (Hanam Church)
- Customized service with the community administrative welfare center (Sinchang Church)
- Small Group ‘Yesamo’, the birthplace of Gospel (Janghang Church)
- Mission for the community (Namwon Dongsan Church)
- Kagoshima Church (Japan)
- Amanuma Church (Japan)
- Youth Rush (Setagaya Church, Japan)

2. COI Zone
Churches that are currently engaged in mission through the COI (Center of Influence) movement introduce their mission to teach other to utilize their churches in each community for mission. Here are some related topics:
- Culture, Welfare, Education & Mission (Jooksan Dasarang Church)
- Mission via Regional Children’s Center (Goonwee Church)
- Samyook Academy Mission Center (Shindoan Church)
- Mission through various influential projects (Sungguh Church)

3. Mission Program Zone
Churches that are running various successful mission programs in each Union Conference or local Conferences in Northern Asia-Pacific Division are to conduct education and counseling for utilization in local churches.
- Hospital and Hospice Mission (NEWSTART Chaplain)
- FAST Discipleship Training (Mokdong Institute Church)
- Welcome! Jeju people in ministry (Central New Seogwipo Church)
- COMPASS (Gangnam Central Church)
- Stepping Stone Kelly Project (Geumoh Happiness Church)
- Urban mission, urban agriculture (Chilbo Church)
- Next Generation Ministry of the Adventist Church (Student Mission Center)

4. Special Mission Zones: Identifying churches that perform missionary activities for special needs or in special ways, and teaching them how to best use them in local churches and communities. Following is a list of possibilities:
- Food Carving Mission, Open your heart, a gift for happiness (Sahmyook University Church)
- Prison Mission Council (Jeonju Central Church)
- North Korean Refugee Mission (Chuncheon Central Church)
- Mission for the Hearing Impaired (Seven Light Deaf Church)
- National Mission for the Visually Impaired (Seoul Bonhyang Church)
- New Heaven Jewel Exhibition (Wonju Central Church)
- Jianshan Church (Taiwan)
- Maoling Butterfly Church (Taiwan)

Mission Booth Location

Mission Booth Seminars

It is time to learn more about the mission work of the churches participating in the seminar booths. It will be a great opportunity to find a suitable mission plan for your local church through a variety of materials and realistic explanations.

Date Booth
Time Booth Title Church
  Aug. 9
  Zone A 2:20~3:00 Mission for the Hearing Impaired Seoul Bonhyang Church
3:20~4:00 North Korean Refugee Mission Chuncheon Central
4:20~5:00 Prison Mission Council Jeonju Central
  Zone B 2:20~3:00 Hospital and Hospice Mission NEWSTART Chaplain
3:20~4:00 Mission via Regional Children Center Goonwee Church
4:20~5:00 Mission through various influential projects Sungguh Church
    Aug. 10
  Zone A 2:20~3:00 Samyook Academy Mission Center Shindoan Church
3:20~4:00 Urban mission, Urban agriculture Chilbo Church
4:20~5:00 Stepping Stone Kelly Project Geumoh Happiness
  Zone B 2:20~3:00 New Heaven Jewel Exhibition Wonju Central
3:20~4:00 COMPASS Gangnam Central
  4:20~5:00 Food Carving Mission, Open hearts,
A gift for happiness
Sahmyook University Church
  Aug. 11
  Zone A 2:00~2:40 Small Group ‘Yesamo’, the birthplace of the Gospel Janghang Church
2:40~3:20 Mission for the community Namwon Dongsan
  Zone B 2:00~2:40 Culture, Welfare, Education & Mission Jooksan Dasarang Church
2:40~3:20 Next Generation Ministry of the Adventist Church Student Mission Center