Lay Counseling Service

An opportunity is given to all IMC participants to counsel with a volunteer willing to listen and empathize with people. Volunteer counselors are both men and women, and they come from Korea, Japan, China, and Mongolia. The hours available are during the afternoons on Thursday and Friday, and a short session on Sabbath afternoon. The Counseling location is in Room 305B, however, you must sign up before seeing the counselor.
Go to the Information Desk and see Esther Ke or one of her assistants to sign up for counseling. You can sign up for segments of 20 minutes, in order to allow others the same opportunity. You can choose, according to availability, the gender of your counselor, and the language. Make sure you meet your appointment on time. God bless you during this International Mission Congress! — Dr. Ron E. M. Clouzet, NSD Ministerial Secretary.

Prayer room is opened in Room 305A.