Children's Program

A. Overview

1. Date: 9th – 11th August 2018 (Thursday to Saturday)
2. Place: Ilsan Kintex Exhibition Center II, 3rd Floor, Rooms 307A, 308A, 308B
3. Target: Children attending the International Mission Conference (ages 5 ~ 13)
4. Organized by Children's Ministries of Korean Union Conference and its 5 other Conferences
5. Sponsored by Children's Ministries of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division

B. Children’s Program
Time                Day Aug.8.(wed) Aug.9(Thr) Aug.10(Fri) Aug.11(Sab)
  Morning 8:30~9:00   Registration Registration
9:00~9:30 Sing Along   Sabbath School
9:30~9:50 Opening Program
10:00~11:00   VBS 1   VBS 3
11:00~12:00 Worship
Lunch 12:00~2:00 Lunch
  Afternoon 2:00~3:00   (Mission Festivals Ⅰ, Ⅱ)   Sabbath Activity
Dinner 5:00~6:30 Dinner (Closing)
  Evening 6:30~7:00   (Opening) Sing-along / Opening Dinner
7:00~8:00   VBS 2   VBS 4  

C. Information

Welcome to the International Mission Congress! Please take a closer look at the following guidelines and make your gracious and beneficial to yourself and others.

1. Place
The Children’s program will take place in rooms Rooms 307A, 308A, 308B on the 3rd Floor.

2. Programs
a) All programs are for 5 to 13 year olds (Kindergarten, Primary, and Junior). b) There is no program for children during the Opening Ceremony, Mission Festival from 2 ~ 5 pm, Sabbath worship service, and Closing Ceremony. (Programs for children are prepared only for the sections in color on the timetable above.) c) The 2018 Vacation Bible School program, entitled “The Creation” is organized by The Korean Union Conference, will be held on Thursday and Friday. d) Special programs for children are prepared for Sabbath School and Sabbath afternoon.

3. Registration Information
a) Children must be accompanied by parents when they enter and leave the program.
b) All materials and items for each program (textbooks, handicrafts, gifts, snacks, etc.) will be provided for all pre-registered children. Please note that there might be a shortage of goods.

4. Meals
There is no children's program at meal times. Please bring your children on time to all children's program. Be ready to pick them up thereafter at the end of each program.