Main Programs

Opening Ceremony

The remnants, who have the clear mission of Canaan in sight, are gathered here together. Following the examples of Abram La Rue 130 years ago, and of Caleb in the Old Testament, the task we now need to focus on is to 'go forward'. When the saints from all over the world cross the Northern Asia-Pacific Division and cry out in one heart, "Give me this mountain," the solemn curtains of the Lord's congregation opens. Then, the peoples of various cultures and customs under the banner of ‘go forward’ have pledged their obedience in unison. These first words are proclaimed through the GC Secretary, Pastor G. T. Ng.

Evening Program

Representatives, who are impressed by the reports of the missionaries from various mission fields and have come to find actual ways of mission through the various seminars and booths, gather again in this congregation. The walls of Jericho will collapse when four thousand warm hearts pray earnestly for the mission work in Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia and Taiwan. Then, impressive visual testimonies are shown while the beautiful songs of praise by the very first Korean winner of the Tchaikovsky Concour, Baritone Choi, HyunSoo, and Sulammi Soloist, Lee, ByuRi are being heard. The inspiring message by Pastor Mark Finley will fill the hearts of all represented here with powerful engine of mission.

Sabbath Worship Service

Hand in hand together to the heaven! Through this International Mission Congress, all 4,000 Calebs realize that we are not alone. The feast of Sabbath worship service, which transcends race and culture of verities, will give us a taste of the excitement we will one day experience on the glassy sea of heaven. When a prayer for North Korea is especially given to the land of North Korea, this place will become a base ever moving forward for the advancement of the Three Angels' Message to the ends of the earth. The words for the divine worship service will be proclaimed by the President of General Conference, Pastor Ted N. C. Wilson, who has been dedicated to the World Adventist Church. The special inspiration this Sabbath day, where every Adventist from all over the world pay attention, will not be easily forgotten.

Closing Ceremony

Followed by ‘Moses’ in 2013, Sulammi delivers a strong message to move forward with the mission in 2018 through a musical ‘Caleb’. During this eloquent appeal, Pastor SiYoung Kim, NSD President, many Calebs of this age is introduced on stage. As the representatives, who have been crying out "Lord, Here am I. Send me!” for their whole lives, respectively, once again dedicate themselves under the banner of TMI. The power of the Holy Spirit is present with us. By the closing declaration of the Coordinator, Kim, NakHyung, International Mission Congress is over. However, the inspiration that we receive will be the footsteps of the future that will lead to the world.


Ted N. C. Wilson

Ted N.C. Wilson is the president of the Seventh-day Adventist world church. An ordained minister, Pastor Wilson holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in religious education from New York University, a master of divinity degree from Andrews University, and a master of science degree in public health from the Loma Linda University School of Public Health. He has served as a pastor, Division president, president of the Review and Herald Publishing Association, and various administrative positions in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

G. T. Ng

Longtime mission advocate G. T. Ng serves the Seventh-day Adventist world church as its executive secretary, a position he has held since the 2010 General Conference Session. Previously, Ng worked as an associate secretary for the world church, where he oversaw the Church’s Northern Asia-Pacific, Southern Asia, and Trans- European divisions. He also served in Thailand, Malaysia, and his native Singapore, and served as professor and dean of the Theological Seminary at the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS). Ng holds a bachelor’s degree from Southeast Asia Union College in Singapore. His post-graduate work includes a master’s degree from the Adventist Theological Seminary in the Philippines and a Ph.D. from the Theological Seminary at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Mark Finley

Mark Finley is an assistant to the General Conference president and a former speaker/director for It Is Written. He is still active as an evangelist, and has presented more than 150 evangelistic series in more than 80 countries, as well 17 NET series broadcast throughout the world. He presents regularly at conventions, field schools, and evangelism institutes, and appears on the Hope Channel’s series Experience Hope. He has written more than 70 books, writes Bible studies for Adventist World magazine, and is the author of Revival and Reformation, the lesson quarterly for the third quarter of 2013.

Duane McKey

Duane McKey serves as a special assistant to the president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for Total Member Involvement as well as president of Adventist World Radio. He previously served as a vice president of the church's Southwestern Union in the North American Division. A former president of the Arizona Conference, McKey has often been found engaged in overseas evangelistic campaigns. In 2016, McKey was coordinator for a nationwide outreach in Rwanda, where more than 100,000 were baptized. Duane has a doctorate in missions from Andrews University in Michigan.

Gary D. Krause

Krause serves as an associate secretary for the Seventh-day Adventist world church and the director of Adventist Mission, which cares for Global Mission and Mission Awareness. He is the author of hundreds of published articles and the book, God’s Great Missionaries. He’s currently enrolled in a doctoral program at the University of Queensland, focusing on Seventh-day Adventist urban ministry. Before moving to the United States, Krause worked in Australia as creative director for the South Pacific Adventist Media Center and as an editor at Signs Publishing Company.

SiYoung Kim

SiYoung Kim is the president of the Northern Asia- Pacific Division (NSD). After graduating with a degree in theology from Sahmyook University, he began his pastoral ministry in the Middle-West Korean Conference. Kim then served as a conference youth director, hospital chaplain, 1000 Missionary Movement director, and director of Seventh-day Adventist Language Institute. Kim received a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, in the Philippines. He also served as the Korean Publishing House president. After joining the NSD in 2012, Kim served as Adventist Mission coordinator, PARL director, Pioneer Mission Movement coordinator, and North-Korea Mission director.