Booth Registration

IMC Booth Summary

  1. It is KRW500,000 per booth for 3days.
  2. Booth opens from August 08, 3pm~11, 5pm 2018.
  3. Basic booth size is 3m*3m*2m50cm
  4. Booth includes two chairs, a table, electricity facility, and the applicant’s entity’s name.
  5. Total booth numbers are 80 with the early bird catches the worm principle.
  6. *Application form with bank deposit to NSD is regarded as the official application.
  7. The location of booth display will be decided by NSD according to each nationality.
  8. Mission promotion from denominational entity is encouraged while commercial booth is not recommendable.
  9. When is applying date for a booth rental? It is from now to May 31, 2018.

Contact person(s)

Name  Phone E-mail
In Korean – Cho, Kyung Ja (Lily) 031-910-1512
In Korean – Lee, Chang Hee 031-910-1572
In Japanese- Naomi 031-910-1541
In English – Paula 031-910-1519
In Chinese – Hope Zhang 031-910-1548

Booth Manual PDF Booth Registration Form

Basic Booth (3m x 3m)

Basic Booth(6mx3m) – 2 Booths, middle wall opened

Basic Booth(6mx3m) – 2 Booths, middle wall and corner opened

Booth Location

Map 3D Map