About IMC

Four thousand missionaries and gospel workers from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, and Korea will come together to share stories and experiences of God’s grace in their mission fields.

The expected participants will include church leaders from the General Conference, 13 divisions, unions, conferences, mission offices, educational leaders from Adventist schools, various institutional administrators, International Service employees, AVS workers, 1000 Missionary Movement Missionaries, His Hands missionaries, medical missionaries, self-supporting missionaries, Theology students, local church pastors and members.

The August 2018 International Mission Congress in Korea will be an historic milestone of the Gospel Commission to the world. Powerful messages, seminars, reports, testimonies, exhibitions, and well-prepared musical programs may lead thousands of participants into the goodness of God and the spirit of mission.

This significant historic event will help Adventist Church leaders and members review the past mission works and lay out future plans. It will reaffirm our commitment to the gospel commission and allow time to pray together for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon each one of us. Let us come together to celebrate the mission of the church and to be equipped with Power from on High to accomplish the gospel commission in our given territories to hasten the coming of Jesus Christ.

The Significance of the International Mission Conference

The Goals for the IMC

Philosophy of IMC